You Need To Know

I have no desire to hurt you
Or steal away your dreams;
Neither peer into your secret thoughts,
Nor make your heart or soul bleed.
So, I'll try to make it plain;
I'll try to make it clear,
You need to know that I love you;
So darling, please stay near.
Everything you've ever wanted; tell me that it's me.
You need to know that I'm more than just your lover;
We can make each other complete.
No, I'm not the one who is here today
Tearing away your tomorrows
Or causing you unnecessary pain
Ending in grief and sorrow.
My desire is to love you and be a part of your dreams;
Giving way to your secret thoughts;
Believe me, it's not a scheme.
Yes, I'm the one to make you smile;
To help your tomorrow shine like the sun.
In every corner of your dreams;
Oh, my darling, you are the only one.

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