The Poetry of
Tony Jerome Spencer

Today May Never Come Again

Viv, I do not know what happened to you yesterday;
You didn't tell me.
I know your heart, and in time, you will.
I missed speaking with you yesterday
But I never stopped appreciating your concern for me.
I did not see you today, but forgive me because I failed to call.
My day got hectic, and the 24-hours I needed to complete my 8-hour
day just did not happen.
I may not see you tomorrow; the weekend is here, and my schedule,
Somehow I got disordered by unplanned chores that popped up and
Could not be ignored.
But, I realized that today will never come again, and you need to know
That I treasure and appreciate your love.  
An e-mail, that phone call in the middle of the day,
Tells me the depth of your heart and character.
Therefore, I will leave you with this message: I know who has my back,
And you need to know that you are at the top of my list.
Today will never come again;
Acknowledging that, I will have been blessed all the more in having you as my friend.

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Tony Spencer with Maestro J. Earnest Green
From the play "Finian's Rainbow" - Feb. 2016