Dancing in Silence

The rat-race gave me room to live;
Life opened the door for me to explore.
I found my own rhythm between each step,
Using the pages of life to step in and out of each scene of every act.
As I move to the beat of the melody in each song, I realize that something is missing.
Each note is clear, sharp, and distinctively precise.
Every beat calls me closer to the bleak reality that what exists is still not enough.
I am prancing, swaying – I am on fire!
Air is passing through my fingers, over and under my toes, around and between my legs!
I am twirling like a destined but unseasonal hurricane!
I am taking no prisoners because I am an all-consuming force!
But I still need something more.
Sounds become distorted elation.  Too much…!  
Dancing with too much sound!
To my surprise, finally, I know!
I call out to the choreographer of this melodic scene.
Stop!  Stop the music!
I feed on the tempo within my head, but I thirst for more than this.
Too much noise!  Too much melody!
The choreographer has taken notice of my plea,
Waving his arms to the sound engineer to pause.
He is now inside of my world – he is my protector.
He senses what I need to perform the perfect ballet.
He gives the cue:  SILENCE!
As an orchestrated instrument of an Alvin Ailey masterpiece,
I become one with my world, one with myself!
I am perfected now.
I am an embodied musician, displaying the essence of who I have become;
I am a perfect work of art.
I am dancing-dancing-dancing!
I am dancing in silence.

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