The Poetry of
Tony Jerome Spencer

Somewhere In My Thinking

Perilous-spirited winds have challenged our sails; ambitions are at their peak.
The reformation of waves on the Bay’s surface compliment the day.
Somewhere in my thinking I, too often, settle on a calm, yet, unpredictable quest.  
Am I engaged in this responsibility alone?
For this journey requires a constant standard of excellence as we progress from shore to shore.
Nowhere in this day of transformation does repetition cancel my dreams; for it is in this hope that I continue to aspire toward the changing current of my desire.
The strokes of my endeavor cannot falter due to the angry waves; for they too have their beginning – their employ – their toil.
Lest I’m tempted to retreat, let my advance be ongoing until perilous times become my ally.
Ever in my thinking I settle not!
Rather, I am one with the alpha winds through which I now return to my shore
 And lower my sails to end another day’s journey.

All materials are protected under the Library of Congress copyright, 2008


Tony Spencer with Maestro J. Earnest Green
From the play "Finian's Rainbow" - Feb. 2016