Truly Blessed

Indeed, I must return a pleasantry from one so true.
Not every day is embraced with such beauty and grace;
I confess this knowledge to you.  
 Since back in the day you have shown what others have only whispered.  
Kid myself? Never!
I am the blessed one!
The one positioned to receive the habitual grace and love you possess.
Now, I spontaneously and appreciatively receive that reality.
While time has defined our destiny, let this silent conclusion prevail:
I all the more embrace the richness in our relationship, to be your lover.
While our experiences, patiently but obviously, have matured us both,
I thank God still, for His grace and mercy that allowed our relationship.
Yes, time could have introduced many results, but to the carnal-minded and babes in understanding only, would this be a test.
Therefore, I endorse this pleasantry and convey my sentiments as a heartfelt privilege  
from one so true.  
I realize that I am truly blessed.

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