It's All Right

Vivian, the days are sometimes long, too long, but then there you are.
And it's all right.
There are moments of challenge that suddenly overshadow me;
I don't see what is coming, but you do and encourage vigilance,
And again, it's all right.
I am blessed to hear the warning that you so wisely offer,
Because clouds of white can neither cover the darkness of my pain, share the
Wisdom of the day’s pleasantries, nor allow to rest a consciousness that labors from exhaustion,
Sifting through a midnight's turmoil due to the day's call on my ambition.
Even when I cannot see its light or sense the awesome rays produced,
I need darkness to remind me that the Sun is shining somewhere equally as strong, yet boasts not of its benevolence.
Therefore, I share these three words to remind me that with God,
In everything – in all places, and with your support – It’s all right!    

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