We Have No Place to Go, Except Together

One day I ran toward the sky.

There, the sun dangled in the midst of an unforgettable hue.

The sky in all its grandeur was caught up in a wind-swept moment

Too awesome to grasp – too limited from my view – too similar to the past.

But then, to my surprise, I met you;

Too struck to say more than hello – too shy to move beyond my thinking.

But I determined in my heart, there would be another day;

There would be another time.

We would celebrate the best of our own wind-swept moments in the evening hue

And watch our joys unwind between the sunset and the dew.

Even if God would plant us in the depths of tumultuous weather,

We would expect those times to come.

Stormy nights long seem to last forever, but there is, by grace, a victory to be won.

The hand of God can still humble a spirit to hear his call.

Therefore, we have learned to never say never.

The taste of earth's seasons, the best of winds will hover,

Tossing the lightest feather plucked from the baby Ave unprotected by its mother.

Yes, the road is long and promises unpredictable weather;

But, where do we have to go, except together?

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