The Art of
Tony Jerome Spencer

The Art

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  • Midnight Tiger
  • Wind Swept
  • Hidden Remorse
  • Tell It On The Mountain
  • Shannons East Tunnel
  • Poes Raven
  • Plaid Lace
  • Kunta Kinte 27th Annual Commemorative Poster
  • Candles In Memorium
  • Seasons of Light
  • The Library
  • Toucan Prince
  • Abridged
  • Distractions
  • Bush Church In The Wilderness
  • Anointing
  • Angry Anxiety
  • African Warrior
  • Hensons Isolation
  • Fyrtyle Ground
  • Forest of My Ancestors
  • Forest Glade
  • Safari
  • Renewed
  • Papa Julu
  • One More River To Cross
  • Mothers Milk
  • Warriors Offering
  • Swinging On The Back 9

The Artist at Work

Tony J Spencer Painting
Tony Jerome Spencer

TRYBE-All echoes a triumphant declaration of success, enduring life's storms, disappointments, or just an unfortunate experience.  The encounter requires a warrior to engage in a self-determined resistance until a conflict is won.  The TRYBE is fictional; however, its meaning is understood and celebrated universally: “The members of any individual’s “tribe” are ever present to support one another in  good times or times of challenge and distress."

Tony J Spencer - Art Collage

After claiming victory over the test of the battle, the warrior and trybe's leader, Papa Julu, share in a ceremonial expression of seizing power or recapturing what was always his: victory over challenges.  TRYBE-ALL (tribal) is a play on words with this intentional message to all tribes/families.  Each painting has an individual title to reflect a story line or meaning. It is left with each viewing to find their own meaning in each painting.